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Leila Fujitani
22 July 1992

.about me.
Hey, my name's Leila, nice to meet ya. I'm an almost 17 years old brazilian girl, who is currently in love with Misha Collins. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I once lived in Hiroshima, Japan, and I can say that was a good experience, after all. :)
I speak portuguese and I try to speak english, even though I'm not a really good speaker, but I'm trying my best, that's for sure! So, please be patiente with me, I really appreciate that. =)
If you want to be friends with me, just go ahead and add me and I'll add you back! :D
I love music, my friends, food. My favorite TV series are: Supernatural, LOST, Heroes, CSI. And I love Misha Collins, obviously. ♥
I hate insects and heat, argh.
My favorite band is Silverchair. I also like Super Junior, Kanjani8, NEWS, Battle, Trading Yesterday, Yellowcard, 30 Seconds to Mars, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Strokes, etc.


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